Laboratory Equipment

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Column Storage Cabinet

Price: 15000 INR/Unit

• Available in 4 sizes Column store 30, 60, 90 & 120 • Stackable Unique Stacking kit allows Increase the number of Columns you can store anytime. • 100% Steel Cabinet Quality, Solid Steel Construction with chrome-Plated D-Ring handles • Optional Fittings Tray Moulded 6 position Tray for easy storage of HPLC tools and fittings • Versatile Store up to 12 x 12.5 cm Columns in a single drawer, or a combination of short columns, guard columns and analytical columns. Holds all columns up to 30 cm long.

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Black Ultra Violet Inspection Cabinet

Price: 7500 INR/Unit

ULTRA VIOLET INSPECTION CABINET DUAL WAVE LENGTH Fully made shock proof with dual wave length for viewing at short wave length (254 nm) & long wave length (365 nm) with one extra visible day light having individual switch to operate the desire wave length working on 230 watts 50 Hz. AC supply & supplied without filter. Body Made of MS. attractively epoxy painted with UV Tube of 8 Wattage.

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UV Sterilizer Cabinet

Price: 8400 INR/Piece

UV Sterilizer Cabinet Fully made shock proof at short wave length (254 nm) working on 230 watts 50 Hz. AC supply. Body Made of M.S. Lighting Type : UV Power : 16W Size : 15 X 12 X 10 Inches UV Sterilizer Cabinet is used for sterilization and disinfection with advancements in technology, and specifically in the UV bulbs themselves, its reliable long lifespan (thousands-of-hours) broadened the field for where it can be used. You can used to disinfect: fruits, vegetables, surgical utensils, tablet computers, papers and documents, toys and a variety of surfaces. Typical application examples include disinfection in hospitals, bacteriological research and pharmaceutical institutions, and food processing industries, such as dairies, breweries and bakeries. They are also used for the disinfection.

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Electrical Bunsen Burner

Price: 2850 INR/Piece

Features: • This apparatus consists of heating element. • It is in conically shaped refractory crucible. • It is enclosed in an insulated S.S. casing. • Casing is mounted on top of S.S. Cylindrical housing. • Maximum working temperature 700°C. approximately • Temperature controlled by energy regulator. • To work at 230 Volts AC Only.

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Melting Point Apparatus

Price: 3000 INR/Piece

MELTING POINT APPARATUS (MANNUAL) Model : SA – 02MPA For determination of melting points up to 350 ºC. The mounted block is illuminated from below by a lamp fixed in its housing. The aluminum blocks accept three capillary tubes & mercury thermometer. The temperature is regulated by energy regulator fitted to the unit. The lamp provides uniform & shadow less regulator fitted to the unit.

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UV Cabinet

Price: 5200 INR/Piece

The UV Cabinet is suitable for inspection thin-layer chromatogram and other object in a undarkened room. The front is closed with a magnetic lock, which can be pushed open. A glass filer in the viewing window protects the eyes against reflected short-wave UV light. Great care has been taken to ensure the correct distances between UV lamp, object and the observer’s eye in the interest of good illumination and untroubled viewing.

Product Image (05)

Laboratory Oil Bath

Price: 7800 INR/Unit

Laboratory Oil Bath has double walled construction with inner side made up of stainless steel & outer side of mild steel sheet duly powder coated. The gap between the two walls of Laboratory Oil Bath is fitted with high-grade glass wool to minimize thermal loss. The temperature range of Laboratory Oil Bath varies from ambient 50°C to 250°C accuracy ± 2°C. Other Details: The temperature maintains to work on 2201230 volts A.C. supply

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Heating Mantle

Price: 1200 INR/Piece

Heating mantles are made to accommodate several size of round bottom flask & to provide uniform heating maximum surface temp of 350ºC with energy regulator box built in.

Product Image (08)

Automatic Karl Fishcer

Price: 32000 INR/Unit

Apparatus 25ml burette, 250ml titration beaker with Teflon dish cover, 2-electrode & solenoid valve, 2 pcs apparatus. Stirring portion provided separately to prevent spillage of corrosive regent on main electronic circuit box & for easy maintenance. Minimum detect ability of moisture 0.25mg Accuracy± 0.125 mg. Product Details : Application : Industrial Use, Laboratory Use Capacity : 25ml to 250ml Moisture : 0.25mg Accuracy : +-0.125 mg

Product Image (04)

Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Price: 28000 INR/Unit

MELTING POINT APPARATUS (DIGITAL) Melting Point in 250ml beaker silicon oil bath. Teflon dish cover for holding heater, capillary stand,3 capillaries holes, sensor & thermometer, 12V long lasting immersion heater connected to transformer in order to give quick heating & fine calibration, no shock hazard, built in heavy duty magnetic stirrer (in 12 Volt DC Motor) & heavy duty magnet used for trouble free & uniform stirring, heating range up to 300 ºC max. glare free back side illumination & magnifying viewing glass & 3 way rotary switch to control heating rate for diff stage of M.P. plus additional regulator for further heating control. Digital Indicator can be in 1ºC or 0.1ºC resolution.3 Capillaries stand & provision to keep 6mm glass boiling tube. Provided with 1 pkt of capillaries & 1 boiling tube.

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Tlc Uv Cabinet

Price: 5200 INR/Unit

TLC UV CABINET DUAL WAVE LENGTH Fully made shock proof with dual wave length for viewing at short wave length (254 nm) & long wave length (365 nm) with one extra visible day light having individual switch to operate the desire wave length working on 230 watts 50 Hz. AC supply & supplied without filter. Body Made of M.S.

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Round Hot Plate

Price: 5800 INR/Piece

Laboratory Hot Plate Round and Rectangular Available in Stainless Steel and Mild Steel

Product Image (SA-RHP)

Rectangular Hot Plate

Price: 5700 INR/Piece

Rectangular Hot Plate Available in Stainless Steel and Mild Steel

Product Image (SA_PA)

Portable Autoclave

Price: 11500 INR/Unit

Features: Autoclave vertical type with complete stainless steel, electrically with air release nozzle. With gasket, lid, safety valve, pressure gauge & steam release cock

Product Image (SA-VA)

Vertical Autoclave

Price: 24000 INR/Unit

Features: Reliable Convenient method of steam sterlization. Inner chamber made of thick S.S. Outer Chamber made of M.S. / S.S. immersion type heater should be provided. Lid is made up of S.S. and die pressed. It is equipped with pressure guage, steam release valve and safety valves. This instrument supplied with Aluminium / S.S.Basket. Pressure Controls by spring Valves. It is used for sterilization under working steam pressure Fitted with silicon rubber gasket jointless, to work on 230 volts A./C. only.

Product Image (SA-LJACK)

Laboratory Jack

Price: 2000 INR/Piece

laboratory jack, an all purpose constructed from stainless steel, mild steel. Suitable for hot plates, burners, baths, glassware many more items.

Product Image (SA-pHMHH)

Hand Held Ph Meter

Price: 1200 INR/Piece

Pocket pH Meter

Product Image (01)

Laboratory Karl Fischer Titrator

Price: 28500 INR/Piece

Karl Fischer

Product Image (01)

Dry Baath Incubator

Price: 15000 INR/Piece

Dry Bath Incubator

Product Image (02)

Microprocessor Viscometer

Price: 15000 INR/Piece

Digital Viscometer

Product Image (SA-MLH)

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate

Price: 7800 INR/Piece

Magnetic Stirrers with hot plate with Digital Speed Indicator The MLH series magnetic stirrers with hot plate are similar to the ML series of magnetic stirrers but have additional stainless steel hot plate. PMDC motor gives higher torque even at lower speeds and maintains speed stability despite viscosity or volume changes. Accurate steeples speed control allows smooth variation up to 1200 rpm. Heating energy is controlled by energy regulator.

Product Image (SA-DCM)

Digital Conductivity Meter

Price: 8500 INR/Unit

Digital Conductivity TDS Meters We offer wide range of Digital Conductivity TDS Meters with 3½ digit LED display with facility for temperature compensation and digit cell constant adjustment along with conductivity cell & other accessories (Table Model).

Product Image (SA-WSMT)

Water Still

Price: 5900 INR/Unit

Full unit made of S.S to provide pyrogen free distilled water, condenser can be opened for periodic cleaning. Easy wall mounting, easy replaceable heating element. The lid perfectly get sealed inside the collar on head of the tank which avoids loss steam & jumping of lid.

Product Image (SA-DPM)

Digital ph Meter

Price: 5800 INR/Unit

• Highly Stable and Accurate • Digital Display • Temperature Compensation • Auto Polarity & Decimal Indication

Product Image (10)

Laboratory Hot Plate

Price: 5800 INR/Piece

Laboratory Hot Plate Available in Round and Rectangular Shape Available in Thermostatic Regulator

Product Image (SA-DTM)

Digital Turbidity Meter

Price: 7800 INR/Piece

Model SA-33(Digital Turbidity Meter) SA-34(Digital Nephelometer) Range 0 to 200 JTU 0 to 1000 JTU 2 Ranges 0 to 20.00 NTU 0 to 200.00 NTU 2 Ranges


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